Purchasing Ford Taunus 2.3 GT

In ’94 I bought a ‘Snoek’ (Citroen DS) and tore it apart. I wanted to restore it completely. But because the Snoek’s construction was rather complicated, I wanted to buy a driving Snoek in Febuary ’95 as an example to what the old restored Snoek would look like. So, I went to a DS-specialist in Ermelo to see if he had a suitable candidate for sale. When I arrived at the dealer, I saw that he had a Ford Taunus Coupe for sale. I was sold. After a chit chat with the salesman, I found out that he brought it with him from Paris. The original owner was an Argentine Embassy employee who worked in Madrid, Spain. The car was newly delevered by a Ford dealer in Mardrid to the Embassy employee, according the original manual.  It’s unknown how the Taunus went to Paris in France. The French licenseplate number was 258 HND 75.
I bought the Taunus the next day. It had drove about 78.000 km.


This Taunus was more luxuriously equipped than it’s European counterpart. The differences are: tainted glass, airconditioning, powersteering, automatic gears, wooden dashboard, leather interior, rev counter, extra voltage counter, oilpressure counter, stereo radio with cassette, electric antenna and a digital clock. A few other nice details that are different are the extra bars in the bumper and a carter-protector underneath the car.


The bottom was packed with little dents caused by welknown French parkingdamage. On the rear, the rearlight was damaged and a plastic bumpercorner was missing. The bumpercorner could be ordered at the Ford dealer, which I did. The rearlight unfortunately, could not. The car was nearly rustfree, with the exception of some rust on a few dents.


Het lederen interieur
Het lederen interieur

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