The search for the rearlight

The rearlight that comes with this Taunus, is totally different than that of a Taunus TC I, II or III. I first tried to order it at the Ford dealer. They couldn’t find the partnumber on the partslist. They also called to Ford Nederland, but they weren’t familiar with the part. After that I came into contact with a person in South-Africa, who restores old Beatles there. It appears that a lot of Taunusses are still being driven there. They were manufactured there for a few more years than in Europe. The name is different aswell, they are called Ford Cortina instead of Ford Taunus. I faxed him a picture of my Taunus, but he reported that this Taunus was never delivered there. Then I tried to order it via the company that imports parts from the U.S.A. They couldn’t help me either. As a last desperate attempt, I placed an advertisement in ‘Autoweek’ (a Dutch car magazine). I got a reply from a member of the Ford Taunus M Club who liked to see the car. In the Taunus still lay the original Spanish manual. In that manual were the address and telephone number of the garage that delivered the new Taunus. At work I had a Spanish collegue, whom I had shown the manual. He instantly called the garage in Spain and asked for the rearlight. They said that it could be ordered and that it would cost approximately fl.150,- (Dutch Guilders). Later it appeared that it wasn’t possible anymore to order the parts, because the car was older than 10 years.


After much asking and calling, I deceided to found the domainname at the end of 1998 and open my own website. I received a lot of positive reactions from around the globe, also from Argentina. If I responded to these reactions, I often never got a reply. Until in March ’99 I came into contact with a man from Argentina who wanted to help me. He recommended me to purchase to imitation rearlights. I transferred the money to his account and he bought and sent me the lights. The difference between imitation and original is highly noticeable. The quality is poor and there is no reflector in the rearlight. When I received the lights, the reverselight glass of one of the lamps was broken. Moreover, the glass was gone from the lightunit. I had to paste it on the unit myself. The other lamp was also constructed poorly. I had to take it apart and glue it back together.


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