My Ford History

The first Ford that I can remember, is the one of my uncle. I was about seven years old. My uncle lived in the Dutch province of Zeeland and from time to time he visited my grandmother in his bright orange Taunus. A TC I Coupe. For those times it was a large, spacious car. The first cars of my father that I can remember, were a Citroen GS and after that a Simca 1500. After the latter he bought his first Ford. A Granada 1.7.L. After a while he exchanged it for a bue Granade of the Royal House, a 2.8L Ghia with all the gadgets. The licenseplate was GY-25-HS. After a year or 2, my father traded it for a newer Granada. This car also originated from the Royal House. The license plate was KT-12-NJ.


I learned to drive a car in a Ford Taunus 1.6L Combi. We used that car to transfer parts between workshops. The distance between our two workshops was approximately 300 metres. The car drove these short distances for a while, but suddenly the valves burned. The car was replaced by a Taunus 2.0 combi. A 6 cylinder. We picked it up in Oud Beijerland (also Zeeland). It’s topspeed was 180 km/h. The car’s sparks had to be cleaned every month because of the short distances it drove, otherwise the car would run out of power. When cleaned, the car would drive as if it were new.

Once my father bought a new, bigger workshop, the car became obsolete. We deceided to stall the car in the workshop to try to restore it and fix it up. Alas, at the end of ’94 we were short on space and we took it to a junkyard. Just a couple of months too soon, because after a month or two, I bought this Taunus GT.